Lanterns Premiership
 1.Lanterns 'D'30
 2.Lanterns 'Rhinos'21
 3.Lanterns 'Xxx'20
 4.Lanterns 'A'16
 Railway Club16
 6.Park Inn Sons14
 7.Drsc Dreamboys11
 Lanterns 'Who R Ya'6
Churchill Championship
 1.Lanterns 'Elite'29
 2.Drsc Kraft23
 3.Lord Morris20
 4.Hawkinge Hounds19
 Drsc Young Guns19
 6.Churchill's Mustangs17
 7.Foco Club15
 8.White Horse11
 9.East Kent Arms7
Metroline Division 1
 2.Foco Bright Sparks29
 3.Drsc All Gold21
 4.Master Brewer17
 5.Churchill's Misfits16
 6.Churchill's Wanderers14
 7.The Golden Arrow12
 8.Churchill's Angels10
 9.Hawkinge Hawks9
Lanterns Premiership Leading players
1.Paul BennettLanterns 'D'6100.00%6
2.Adam SouthonLanterns 'Rhinos'683.33%5
Adam DanielsLanterns 'Xxx'683.33%5
Harriet HaynesLanterns 'D'683.33%5
5.Jan SpinnerDrsc Dreamboys666.66%4
Churchill Championship Leading players
1.Buster DringLanterns 'Elite'6100.00%6
2.Richard HackettLord Morris5100.00%5
3.Richard DaveyWhite Horse683.33%5
Dave MartinDrsc Kraft683.33%5
Andrew WilkinsonLanterns 'Elite'683.33%5
Metroline Division 1 Leading players
1.Peter LeeDrsc All Gold683.33%5
Si PullenNailbox683.33%5
Tony WarburtonNailbox683.33%5
4.Gregg DavisonFoco Bright Sparks4100.00%4
5.Kevin LeeDrsc All Gold666.66%4

Folkestone Pool League sponsored by Russell and Wheeler

JP Team Knockout
Result Sheets
Make sure you put your palyers FULL names on the result sheet EVERY week and in block capitals
3 Man League
The fixtures for the 3 man league are available here
Lanterns Premiership Fixtures Matrix Matches Table
Churchill Championship Fixtures Matrix Matches Table
Metroline Division 1 Fixtures Matrix Matches Table

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